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Published on 12th March 2023, about 1 year ago

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Affordable Japanese Fine Dining Under $50 in Singapore

Discover the best Japanese fine dining restaurants in Singapore that offer affordable set meals under $50. From classic sushi sets to fusion Japanese 3-course meals, indulge in the finest Japanese cuisine without breaking the bank.

1. Aoki

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Established in 2003 as a partnership between Owner Chef Kunio Aoki and the Les Amis Group, Aoki Restaurant is a highly acclaimed Japanese haute cuisine restaurant in Singapore. With its recent renovation by Japanese interior designer Yasuhiro Koichi, the 36-seater restaurant now boasts a stunning minimalist interior adorned with Kumiko Zaiku panels and geometric patterned doors and wall panels. Owner Chef Kunio Aoki's culinary style is a harmonious blend of traditional and modern techniques, and his insistence on using only the finest ingredients sourced from Toyosu Market and other artisanal suppliers in Japan has won him a devoted following.

Aoki Restaurant offers affordable japanese fine dining lunch sets starting from just $48, which includes the Nigri Sushi Jyo-Sen set comprising 7 types of sushi, one sushi roll, salad, miso soup, and dessert.

See the Aoki Restaurant's set menu here

2. BAM! Restaurant

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BAM! Restaurant in Singapore offers a unique blend of Japanese, Spanish, and global fusion cuisine, with an emphasis on the 'Modern Shudo' way of sake enjoyment. The restaurant features a sake cellar with an extensive selection of sake and wine, a private dining space, and an open kitchen.

Executive Chef Pepe Moncayo's culinary creations are driven by seasonal ingredients and designed to excite and surprise diners. The omakase-style dining experience is guided by certified sake sommeliers.

The $48 weekday 3-course set lunch menu showcases the restaurant's ever-evolving menu, featuring dishes such as Crispy John Dory with Nameko Mushroom and Wagyu Beef Short Rib with Celeriac Puree.

See BAM! Restaurant's set menu here

3. Fat Cow

Fat Cow is a modern Japanese fine-dining restaurant known for its award-winning beef experiences. Head Chef Shingo Iljima brings a wealth of experience and a passion for traditional Japanese cuisine to the restaurant, offering an Omakase Kappo-style menu that pays tribute to his culinary master, Tetsu-oh. Guests can enjoy a handpicked selection of the finest Wagyu prepared through a variety of Japanese methods such as Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, and Sumibiyaki.

Fat Cow also offers a range of daily lunch sets, including their classic Fat Cow Donburi ($58) and Wagyu Stew ($45). Chef Shingo's aim is to provide an unforgettable dining experience that highlights both the quality of the Wagyu and the essence of Japanese culture.

See Fat Cow set lunch menu here

4. Miyu

Miyu offers an exquisite Japanese Omakase dining experience with carefully crafted menus featuring seasonal ingredients flown in from Japan. Guests can enjoy the sincerity and attentive service that Miyu is known for. Located in Tanjong Pagar, just a short 5-minute drive from Singapore's financial district, Miyu's humble and cozy restaurant is perfect for business meetings, romantic dinners, or a day out with friends.

For those looking for a great value lunch option, Miyu's lunch set starts at only $28 for its Wagyu Beef Cheek Set, which includes premium Japanese rice, Japanese Wagyu beef cheek, salad, and miso soup. Seafood lovers can try the Zuke Tuna Maki ($32), which features 8 pieces of premium sushi rice wrapped with Negitoro, or the Toro Taku Maki ($38), consisting of 8 pieces of premium sushi rice wrapped with Japanese Bluefin Tuna marinated in soy sauce and radish pickles. With Miyu's dedication to curating the finest Japanese Omakase experience at sincere prices, it's no wonder why it's a must-visit spot in Singapore.

See Restaurant Miyu set menu here

5. Ristorante Takada

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Ristorante Takada is an Italian-Japanese restaurant located on Alexandra Road, Singapore, serving unique fusion cuisine. The restaurant is led by Chef Masahiro Takada, who has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in both Italy and Japan. Ristorante Takada offers an exciting menu with cooking techniques inspired by Chef Takada's 8-year stint in Italy to bring out the best of Italian flavors.

Ristorante Takada offers an $88 and $118 dinner set menu tas well as a $158 Omakase 5 Course menu, showcasing only the freshest premium ingredients imported from specific regions of Japan and Europe. Seasonal ingredients like white asparagus and white truffles are imported from Europe, while the freshest seafood like Hokkaido scallops, Hokkaido sea urchin and bluefin tuna are imported from Tokyo’s Tsukiji market.

Their 3 Course Set Lunch starts from only $48 per person and includes an appetiser, pasta or main, and a dessert. Some highlights include taglioni hokkaido sea urchin with squid ink sauce, and the tagliatelle wagyu bolognese infused truffle pasta. The restaurant also offers Chef Takada's take on the classic Tiramisu, as a perfect ending to the meal.

Chef Takada's clear understanding of both cuisines, coupled with the utmost attention to detail and the finest ingredients, allows him to create well-executed, refined, and refreshing dishes. With its exciting fusion cuisine, Ristorante Takada intends to create another legacy in the world of Japanese-Italian cooking.

See Ristorante Takada menu here

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